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When i use Java, in my Linux box generally i install OpenJDK using package manager. And for Windows i use Sun official downloads.

But i am not sure which JVM exactly it use? (For some memory issues). Does it use

  • j9 for Sun default JVM?
  • or it use JamVM
  • or it use Squeak?

What does it use when i use OpenJDK under linux and the default Sun download under Windows? Does all JVM available for 8bit to 64bit platforms (open source to use them or commercial)?

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The answer is d) none of the above.

Both the official Java packages, and OpenJDK use Sun / Oracle's "official" JVM, which I believe is called HotSpot. This is not J9, that's IBM's implementation, which you're unlikely to use on a typical Windows or Linux box. I've never heard of JamVM; the only Squeak I know of is a Smalltalk implementation, which has nothing to do with Java.

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