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Is it possible to have your android activity run on top of the current running activity in a transparent mode so you can see through it the activity below it? If possible, can you have different levels of transparency?

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When you say "current running activity" - even if the second activity is transparent, the first activity will stop "running" when the second starts. – Squonk Feb 11 '12 at 18:40
Possible duplicate of How to create Transparent Activity in Android? – Frxstrem Feb 11 '12 at 19:00
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You can apply a dialog theme or a translucent theme to your activity. More info here: Styles and Themes under the "Apply a theme to an Activity or application" section.

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In manifest.xml


In Main.xml


#00FFFFFF -  Full Transparency
#10FFFFFF -  90% Transparency
#20FFFFFF -  80% Transparency
#30FFFFFF -  70% Transparency
#40FFFFFF -  60% Transparency
#50FFFFFF -  50% Transparency
#60FFFFFF -  40% Transparency
#70FFFFFF -  30% Transparency
#80FFFFFF -  20% Transparency
#90FFFFFF -  10% Transparency
#99FFFFFF -  01% Transparency

20 is transparency level and FFFFFF is color

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