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I was just wondering if all SHA256 Hashes are calculated the same way. Like if I give the input to this lib like the following, how could I reproduce the same output with another SHA256 Hash algorithm?

string HASHCODE = lib1_gf_GenerateSHA256HashCode();

void lib1_gf_AddIntegerToHashInput (int lp_integer) {
    lib1_gf_AddByteToHashInput(lp_integer >> 8);
    lib1_gf_AddByteToHashInput(lp_integer >> 16);
    lib1_gf_AddByteToHashInput(lp_integer >> 24);

void lib1_gf_AddByteToHashInput (byte lp_byte) {
    HashInputData[HashInputSize] = lp_byte;
    HashInputSize += 1;

Here's the lib link (yes it is sha256 as well as md5):

Direct Download link:

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SHA256 algorithm is one.

So, yes, SHA256 hash is calculated always the same way.

Note that source code of SHA256 (and other SHA) hash generation algorithm is here.

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I am not sure I understand. If you are asking whether all SHA-256 implementations produce the same result then the answer is yes.

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The thing is, I've never seen a hash code algorithm that isn't done with a string, the "addinteger" method, what is it doing? – JohnDoe Feb 11 '12 at 18:57
Most hash functions, including SHA-256, work like this: 1. initialize the state. 2. For each byte in the string, update the state with the byte. 3. Produce the hash from the state. In your example addInteger() simply adds the 4 bytes of a 32 bits integer to the hash. The fundamental operation is addByte(). addInteger() or addString() are just convenience functions. – Antoine Mathys Feb 11 '12 at 20:52

The short answer is yes -- except that's too short, thank you SO. SHA256 is a specification for a particular algorithm that should always present the same results for the same input, no matter whose implementation you use.

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So, if you took a look at the lib, how are the integers added? I Program in C#, not this language. I'll add the necessary methods to the main thread. – JohnDoe Feb 11 '12 at 18:44

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