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I am trying to display a FireMonkey form on a second monitor, using C++Builder with following code:

 void __fastcall ShowFormOnScreen( int OutMon )
   MyForm->Top = 0;
   MyForm->BorderStyle = bsNone;
   MyForm->WindowState = wsNormal;
   MyForm->Left   = Screen->Monitors[OutMon]->Left;
   MyForm->Height = Screen->Monitors[OutMon]->Height;
   MyForm->Width  = Screen->Monitors[OutMon]->Width;

Unfortunately, the Screen object does not have the Monitors property, so how can do this in FireMonkey?

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This is probably a limitation in firemonkey. Unless form position properties have some way to specify it there. –  Warren P Feb 11 '12 at 19:09

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For windows you can use EnumDisplayMonitors to locate the second monitor. This needs a callback function which will receive the information from each monitor found. Example in Delphi below which displays a second Firemonkey form on the second monitor and makes the background black

// Callback function in function MonitorCount
function MonCountCB(hm: HMONITOR; dc: HDC; r: PRect; l: LPARAM): Boolean; stdcall;
  mInfo : MonitorInfoEx;
//  SecondaryRect: RECT;

  minfo.cbSize := sizeof(mInfo);
  GetMonitorInfo(hm, @mInfo);

  if mInfo.dwFlags <> MONITORINFOF_PRIMARY then
     MonitorForm.Left := mInfo.rcWork.Left;
     MonitorForm.Top := mInfo.rcWork.Top;
     MonitorForm.Width := mInfo.rcWork.Width;
     MonitorForm.Height := mInfo.rcWork.Height;

  result := true;

procedure TForm1.CornerButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  MonitorCount : Integer;
  EnumDisplayMonitors(0,nil,MonCountCB, Integer(@MonitorCount));
  MonitorForm.Viewport3D1.Color := TAlphaColors.Black;
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In XE7, there is now a global Screen variable which has a Screen.Displays[] property that you can use to get information about the available displays. The Screen.DisplayCount property can tell you how many displays there are. You have to add "FMX.Forms" to your USES clause to use this.

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FMX has no multi-monitor support yet. You will have to write platform specific code and switch behaviour using the platform conditional defines.

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