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I want to control a grid with dates on two DatePickers, I'm reloading the whole page, although it may be better to reload the grid only. Anyway, I can't get the value of the datepicker in order to use it in the array in the reload, how should I do that? I have this:

class page_caja extends Page {
function init(){


    $inicial=$f->addField('DatePicker','fInicial','Fecha Incial')->set($fInicial);
    $final=$f->addField('DatePicker','fFinal','Fecha Final')->set($fFinal);

    //Tabla de Pagos Pendientes


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Your approach is quite good, I don't see anything wrong with it, although I would write it like this. My method uses filter submit and takes one extra reload, but it works quite smooth and simple to understand:

$filter = $page->add('Form');
$grid  = $page->add('Grid')->setModel('Caja');





You can also incorporate fields into the reload() but then you should be reading $d1 and $d2 from $_GET variable.

If you can't get value from a field, try simpler ways:


Then watch Inspector's Console for output.

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Thanks, those memorize and recall methods are going to be very useful lfor now on (I was relaying on $_GET...), Thanks again! –  mcanedo Feb 13 '12 at 20:21

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