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I've read through tons of posts and articles and haven't found a fix that works specifically for my problem

My parent page points via iframe to a local child page.

The child page is a php survey which changes height from page to page as the user clicks the next button. (Not really changing pages but re-populating content within one .php file)

I'm trying to have the parent page auto expand and contact height according to the length of the child page.

I have this specific need because I'm working within WordPress and want a PHP application (survey) to be wrapped within the design of the WordPress theme.

Ay help would be really appreciated!

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If it is local. Why are you using an iFrame? Why don't you use separate pages using query strings? Or AJAX loading is also an option.. –  Richard Feb 11 '12 at 19:33

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Are the two pages on the same domain? If yes, then the easiest way to achieve this is with JavaScript running on both the parent and the child page.

Here's a rough idea of how it might work. On the child page:

  function resizeFrame() {
    // Call out to the parent iframe.
<body onload="resizeFrame()">

On the parent page:

  function resizeChild(height) {
    // Add the ID of the iframe element below.
    document.getElementById(...).style.height = height + 'px';

You'll probably need to adjust the height, depending on the margins/borders/etc of the iframe element.

If the two pages are on different domains, this will be much harder. Cross-domain communication between iframes is difficult, particularly if you want to support older browsers.

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