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In the recently updated Android Dev Guide, the documentation for Content Providers contains a section titled Contract Classes. Though there is a link to an example for Contacts, it was not immediately clear what is a Contract Class and how do I create one for my custom Content Provider

Would appreciate some help on this.


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A contract class defines constants that help applications work with the content URIs, column names, intent actions, and other features of a content provider. Contract classes are not included automatically with a provider; the provider's developer has to define them and then make them available to other developers.

You can make your own Contract class and define some constants there. For example, column names that you can later call in code that makes queries to the database etc.

Nice example how Contract class is used see this thread Android - How do I load a contact Photo?

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Contract is a container for constants that define names for URIs tables and columns. It also provides the same constants across all the other classes in the same package.

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