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Does anyone know of a clean and easy way to truncate a section of text to two lines. This is what I am trying to truncate (p element):

<blockquote><p>&#8220;<?=$test_entry ?>&#8221;</p></blockquote><cite><?=$test_name ?></cite>

I have tried various solutions including clamp.js (which doesnt even work properly in the example supplied) I have tried CSS3 solutions using text-overflow but these only truncate to one line. All other javascript examples use string length which breaks if the text size changes, if special chars are encoded and under many other conditions.

I am happy to change the markup if necessary I just want to be able to truncate text to fit two lines within a div box and have it end with an elipses (...) or even better with (..."). I thought this would be straightforward but apparantly not.

Can anyone point me to an existing solution or give me a clue where to start with this. Any help much appreciated.

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Here you can find an existing solution based on jQuery, which should be working cross browser, in this SO question.

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Thank you for your help, worked like a charm. Probably should search stack overflow more thouroughly before posting questions - I had tried so many things that didn't work at that point. Thanks Again – WebweaverD Feb 12 '12 at 13:31
The solution I tried from this answer worked well on desktop browsers but caused javascript timeout on the iphone. See link for comment under solution – WebweaverD Mar 7 '12 at 14:15

Use the textarea element to limit text rows!

<textarea rows="2" readonly disabled>Try enameling the ricotta broccolis with aged champaign and rum, warmed. </textarea>

You could then use a pseudo element :after to add an ellipsis or a 'Read more'.

Don't forget the attributes 'readonly' and 'disabled'. Readonly prevents textarea from being interacted with by the user. Disabled prevents any forms in the page from submitting the values.

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