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Why is it that

echo "Value of FILES['upload'] ";

prints Value of FILES['upload'] Array ( [name] => [type] => [tmp_name] => [error] => 4 [size] => 0 )


echo "Value of FILES['upload'] ".print_r($_FILES['upload'])."<br/>";

prints Array ( [name] => [type] => [tmp_name] => [error] => 4 [size] => 0 ) Value of FILES['upload'] 1

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The print_r() function does not return the string by default. You have to tell it too. When you call it, it automatically writes its output to the output buffer. Since your echo statement is still in the process of being concatenated, it hasn't been echoed yet. So your array gets printed first and then the echo line gets printed after it's finished concatenating.

To make print_r() return its output rather than sending it immediately, specify its second parameter:

echo "Value of FILES['upload'] ".print_r($_FILES['upload'], true)."<br/>";
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print_r by default does the printing - it doesn't return the string.

So, that "1" you're getting in your second output was the return value of print_r.

You want print_r($_FILES['upload'], TRUE) to make it return the string for inclusion in your concatenation.

See the PHP manual page on print_r.

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Thats because print_r prints your value on screen, and when you put it in echo, your echo also prints out it's return value

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print_r directly outputs its data to your screen. Try adding the second parameter to print_r for example:

echo " Hello world: " . print_r($my_array, true);
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By default, print_r() does print the content of the variable ; not return it.

If you want that content returned as a string, you have to pass true as a second parameter, when calling print_r() :

echo "blah : " . print_r($myVariable, true);

If you call this :

echo "Value of FILES['upload'] ";

Then, the first line does an echo, which displays a string, and, then, the second line displays the content of the variable.

On the other hand, if you do this :

echo "Value of FILES['upload'] ".print_r($_FILES['upload'])."<br/>";

Then, the print_r() function is called, and displays the content of the variable, and, then, the return-value of print_r() is concatenated to the other strings, and displayed.

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