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I try to change the language of my application from a drop down menu followed by a submit button. I introduced a controller named 'language_change' defined in the route.rb as:

resources :language_change, :only => [:create, :new] 

In the view home.html.erb, I put it this way:

<%= form_tag language_change_path, :method=>:post do %>
<div class="field">
    <%= select_tag(params[:l],
       [t('language.french'), 'fr'],
       [t('language.dutch'), 'nl']], params[:l]),
 <div class="actions"> <%= submit_tag "Change language!" %>
<% end %>

Finally in the controller I put:

class LanguageChangeController < ApplicationController
  def create

When loading the home page I get the following error message:

undefined local variable or method `language_change_path'

Does anybody can tell me what is wrong? What I don't understand is when in the view I replace the 'language_change_path' by another controller defined elsewhere in the app, eg. 'password_reset_path' it displays the page and even handle the submit.

Thanks for your helage

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You probably need to change this line in routes.rb:

resources :language_change, :only => [:create, :new]

to this:

resource :language_change, :only => [:create, :new]

Otherwise, the helper method language_change_path is expecting a specific instance of LanguageChange to link to. By specifying the resource as singular, you don't need to pass an instance to the helper since it's required that only one such instance exists.

I'm guessing your password_reset resource is also singular.

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Thanks Brandan! I now works but I had to pluralize also the name of my controller etc. It's good to know. Now I have to dig a bit further into the mystery of plurialization in ruby ;-) –  izambard Feb 12 '12 at 15:23
Glad to help. Please make sure to accept the answer if it's correct. –  Brandan Feb 13 '12 at 4:23

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