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I do not understand how to implement the following code to allow the function to write into the existing array.

void Project::addStaff(const Staff&)
  //add employees into staff array

having (const Staff&) as parameters is new to me as it does not create an object anyways. I can not change it because it is to be used as is to implement the program correctly. the Staff constructor is as follows

Staff::Staff (std::string lname, std::string fname)
  : theLname(lname), theFname(fname)

Is there a way to write the variable for staff so I can access the needed values to place into the array? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Your Project class may have a std::vector data member, and you can use vector.push_back() method to add new Staff instances in the array:

// Inside Project class:
std::vector<Staff> m_staffPersons;

void Project::addStaff(const Staff& newStaff)
    // Add employees into staff array
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I would define std::vector<Staff> representing list of employees as a member of this Project class:

class Project
    void addStaff(const Staff&);
    vector<Staff> employees;

Then your addStaff method could look like this:

void Project::addStaff(const Staff& newEmployee)

But I would definitely rename class Staff since it doesn't say much about itself. Employee would be much better name for this class.

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Probably it would be better to make std::vector<Staff> data member private (or protected). – user1149224 Feb 11 '12 at 23:48
Maybe. But that's decision that Jake should make. – LihO Feb 11 '12 at 23:51

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