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I can't figure out how to modify blocks from included templates using Jinja2. Here's an example where I use three files.


<html>{% include "content.html" %}</html>


<h1>{% block title %}Title{% endblock title%}</h1>
<div>{% block content_body %}Content Body{% endblock content_body%}</div>


{% extends "base.html" %}
{% block title %}story.title{% endblock title %}
{% block content_body %}story.description{% endblock content_body %}

When rendering story.html, I'll get:

<div>Content Body</div>

How would I render with the expected values?

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Where is @ArminRonacher when you need him - I have a feeling that this is caused by include "content.html" overriding the contents of the identically named blocks in story even though story is overriding base - but I don't see anything in the documentation to indicate that this is to be expected. – Sean Vieira Feb 22 '12 at 4:31
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You should be looking at macros in Jinja2. I think this SO question is related to your queries.

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base.html is not rendered because it's not invoked by any template. What you could do is a second level of extension:


<html>{% block html %}{% endblock %}</html>


{% extends "base.html" %}
{% block html %}
<h1>{% block title %}Title{% endblock title%}</h1>
<div>{% block content_body %}Content Body{% endblock content_body%}</div>
{% endblock %}

Still, that is probably overkill, you will likely find that a single base template is enough (i.e. combine base.html and content.html into a single template).

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this is the proper solution for templates check django templates they do a similar thing to understand the concept. – Bedros Jun 24 '15 at 18:50

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