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I'm brand new to Eclipse (learning Python). I'm really confused about the terminology within Eclipse. I had previously created a "hello world" project and exited Eclipse. I've restarted Eclipse, but how do I list all of the projects in the current workspace? Is there a way to do that? If not how do I open a project? I tried using "Import" but it said the project was already in the workspace. What ever happened to say an option to "Open Project..."? This seems way overly complicated. I guess other questions I have are:

How do you determine the currently set "workspace"? How do you see what workspaces are available?

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The projects for the current workspace are shown in the "Package Explorer" view, which displays them as in a "Windows Explorer" fashion. Using this view you can open/close and manage your projects for a given workspace. If you currently don't have Package Explorer open, you can go to Window->Show View->Package Explorer. If package explorer is not an option there just select "Other..." and look under General.

Note that projects are not shared across workspaces, so if you create a new workspace or switch to a different one you won't see the other one's projects.

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