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I have question about fluent nhibernate and mysql. I'm doing this:

.Mappings(m =>        
exp = new SchemaExport(cfg);
exp.Execute(true, false, false, true);

But when doing this I get failures like "Dialect does not support DbType.Uint32" and the likes. I get the same for mapped properties that are of type Uint64 (ulong). Why does this happen? Does anyone know? Do I need to map in some other way? Like explicitly saying which access strategy to use or something like that?

Regards, Jörgen

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NHibernate does not support unsigned integer types. The full list of basic types implemented by NHibernate can be found in the documentation.

I don't know of any "official word" as to why they are not, but if I had to guess it's that some* major database engines for whatever reason do not support unsigned integers.

*for appropriately small values of "some"

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