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I'm using .htaccess mod_rewrite for nicer URLs.

Here is a part of my .htaccess file that turns /artist.php?id=123456 into /artist/123456, /artists.php?culture=arabic into /artists/arabic, and removes the .php:

RewriteRule ^artist/([0-9]+) artist.php?id=$1
RewriteRule ^artists/(.+) artists.php?culture=$1
RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)$ $1.php [NC,L] 

It works, but if I put a trailing slash / at the end like /artist/arabic/ it throws a 404 error. How can I fix this? Simply removing the trailing slash would probably work but I don't know how to do that with this. I just don't want a user to accidentally add a / or something and then get confused thinking the page doesn't exist.

Thanks in advance!

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You just need to add an optional trailing slash into the first rule with /?

# Optional trailing slash...
RewriteRule ^artist/([0-9]+)/? artist.php?id=$1
RewriteRule ^artists/(.+) artists.php?culture=$1
RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)$ $1.php [NC,L] 
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Thanks, it works. And surprisingly it works for another directory's .htaccess file (it added the optional / without actually putting the rule in it... is that how it is supposed to work when you put it in the first rule?) –  Nathan Feb 12 '12 at 4:01
Oh, that is because the [L] flag was left off, causing it to fall through to the next match. You usually won't want that, and I unintentionally left it out of my answer. –  Michael Berkowski Feb 12 '12 at 4:08

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