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I've been hacking away at CodeIgniter for a week or so, only because I don't have the ability to understand RoR. I've managed to create some rudimentary models, views and controllers but I am now at a point where I have to start considering the fact that I am using multiple models.

My question may be related to basic SQL, but I expect that there is functionality in CodeIgniter which permits returned rows from having certain data fields be replaced with information from other tables. If I knew what this concept was called in SQL, then I would at least know what to look for in the Docs, but I am only a beginner. I'd like to at least have some basic knowledge here so I can read up on the details.

For example, let's say I have a companies table (company model) which has only two fields, an 'id' set as the primary key, and a 'Company_name' which is varchar. In addition, let's say I have a table of stores (store model) which has four fields like 'address', 'id' (primary key), and company_id which is the index in the companies table.

The companies could be something like:

ID    Company_name
1     CompanyA
2     CompanyB
3     CompanyC

The stores could be something like:

ID    Store_name   Address         Company_ID 
1     StoreA       12 Main St.     1
2     StoreB       33 First Ave.   1
3     StoreC       9 Broad Rd.     2
4     StoreD       873 Wide Blvd.  3
5     StoreE       8103 Water St.  1

Where the CompanyID field relates the table back to the companies table.

If I do a basic query in CodeIgniter to return all 'stores' as:


I will be able to go through the result row by row, but the Company_ID field will still be just an index value. Is there a way to perform a query such that the Company_ID field is automatically replaced by the appropriate company name from the companies table in the returned results? The idea would be that I want to create a resulting table which looks like the one below:

Store Name    Address           Company Name
StoreA        12 Main St.       CompanyA
StoreB        33 First Ave.     CompanyA
StoreC        9 Broad Rd.       CompanyB
StoreD        373 Wide Blvd.    CompanyC
StoreE        8103 Water St.    CompanyA

An easy real-world example would be fast food chain stores belonging to a parent company or something like that.

Not sure how else to explain this. :/

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What you're looking for is a SQL join. You can do it in CodeIgniter like this.

$this->db->select("stores.Store_name, stores.Address, companies.Company_name");
$this->db->join("companies", "companies.ID=stores.Company_ID");
$query = $this->db->get();

Personally, I just prefer to write the query myself.

$query = $this->db->query("select stores.Store_name, stores.Address, companies.Company_name from stores inner join companies on companies.ID=stores.Company_ID");
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Thanks. I'll go read up on joins. At least now I know what this concept is called. –  panagioti Feb 12 '12 at 3:57
Just one followup about your suggested solution. Why is the select command on companies.Company_name? We are taking fields from the stores table which has no company_name field and we are subsequently saying that we are using the 'stores' table in the 2nd line. That's a little odd. –  panagioti Feb 12 '12 at 4:02
Whilst writing the query yourself is fine in this context as the query is not using any user controlled content if the query were the be built using any user controlled content then it is best to get code igniter to build the query for you as it will handle escaping etc. –  Hailwood Feb 12 '12 at 4:21
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