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    MyString::MyString()//default constructor
        cout<<"Default called by right none is called"<<endl;
    MyString::MyString(char *source)//cstyle string parameter
        int counter=0;
        //we implement count without using getlen
        for(int i=0;(source[i])!='\0';i++)//assume their char string is terminated by null
        cout<<"THE LENGTH of "<<source<<" is "<<counter<<endl;
        data = new char[length];
    void MyString::print(ostream a)//what to put in besides ostream

the above is in my implementation file

This is in my main file

 int main()
    MyString s1("abcd");// constructor with cstyle style array
    return 0;

Why cant this work? Im getting this error

error C2248: 'std::basic_ios<_Elem,_Traits>::basic_ios' : cannot access private member declared in class 'std::basic_ios<_Elem,_Traits>'

Million Thanks! ERROR FIXED!!

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Not sure why that's not working (without looking in detail) but you may want to consider implementing I/O on your class the same way 99.9999% of C++ coders do. By that, I mean with operator<< rather than half coding in C++ and half in C :-) – paxdiablo Feb 12 '12 at 4:23

The reason is that the call to print tries to copy the output stream, which is not allowed. You have change the function to take the argument as a reference:

void MyString::print(ostream &a)
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You cannot make a copy of std::cout, std::cin, std::cerr, or any other object derived from std::ios_base since the copy-constructor for that object is private ... you must pass all stream objects derived from ios_base by reference in order to prevent invocation of the copy-constructor. Thus your function signature:

void MyString::print(ostream a);

needs to at least change to

void MyString::print(ostream& a);
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