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I am writing a media player application and I'm having trouble with updating TextViews without significantly lagging ListView scrolling. The general layout of my application is two frames, the top frame is a ListView that shows a list of songs, and the bottom frame has controls, now playing track info, and a seek bar. I want to add a TextView to show elapsed and remaining time. I already have the time information updating the SeekBar in a separate Runnable class (and it does allow the SeekBar to be updated from that thread). I passed in the TextViews and tried setting them and it failed as I was not on the UI thread. I then tried using runOnUIThread, but every time the function got called (once per second), the ListView scrolling lagged quite noticeably, making it very difficult to scroll. I removed this and instead tried using the Runnable...) method, but got the same effect. Finally, I moved into my main activity class, added a Runnable, and used Handler. This too lagged the ListView too much to be usable.

The ListView contains album art icons for each album and text entries for each song. It is backed by a custom adapter that reads from Cursors to a database (not a CursorAdapter, I implemented it with two fixed-length cursors to improve large database handling).

Is there any possible way to make this work without insufferable lag? This was tested on actual hardware (Archos A43 tablet (1GHz OMAP3), Android 2.3 Cyanogenmod 7).

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Something's fishy, you should post the relevant code. Just updating a textview shouldnt cause "insufferable lag". – dmon Feb 12 '12 at 5:44
The full code is a bit large, the project is hosted at GitHub here. This does not have the TextView entries added, but the relevant section is SeekBarHandler (a thread that polls the MediaPlayer for current and max times and updates the player's seek bar). I tried adding two TextView's to the main interface xml, passing them into the SeekBarHandler, and then updating them in its run() loop using the methods listed above. – CalcProgrammer1 Feb 12 '12 at 9:46

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