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I have an applet that needs to submit a score to a servlet and it is not working correctly.

This is the code for the applet

private URLConnection getConnection() throws MalformedURLException, IOException {
        URL serverAddress = null;
        URLConnection conn = null;
        serverAddress = new URL("http://localhost/GamesPortal/submitScore");
        conn = serverAddress.openConnection();
        conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/x-java-serialized-object");
        return conn;

    private void sendRecievedata(GameInfo info) {
        try {
            URLConnection c = this.getConnection();
            OutputStream os =  c.getOutputStream();
            ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(os);
        } catch (Exception ex) {

And this is the servlet code

    try {
        HttpSession s = request.getSession(true);

        InputStream in = request.getInputStream();
        ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(in);
        GameInfo info = (GameInfo) ois.readObject();

        if (info.getUserId() > 0) {
            Scores score = new Scores();
    } catch (Exception ex) {
    } finally {
    PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
    try {
        out.println("<title>Servlet submitScore</title>");            
        out.println("<h1>Servlet submitScore at " + request.getContextPath() + "</h1>");
    } catch {
    } finally {            

Now I have tried accessing the servlet via the browser, just to make sure that the address is correct (it is), but for some reason when I try to access it from the applet itself, it does not connect. (the debugger does not even launch).

(added the ex.printStackTrace(); to each of the try catches, as per suggestion, but I have no idea what or where I'm supposed to look for this)

The code calling the applet looks similar to this:

<jsp:plugin code="Pong.class" name="Games/Pong/Pong" type="applet" width="800" height="600">
        <jsp:param name="userId" value="<%= user.getUserId()%>" ></jsp:param>

Is there something that I am overlooking here?

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1) Add a catch to the 2nd try of the servlet. 2) Put an ex.printStackTrace() in each catch of the servlet. 3) Is the applet trusted? – Andrew Thompson Feb 12 '12 at 7:06
I'll do as you asked. (But what is a "trusted applet"? It runs on the browser, but beyond that I don't know) – 4th guy Feb 12 '12 at 7:13
A trusted applet is one that you have put in a Jar and digitally signed, and the user clicked 'OK' when prompted to trust the digitally signed code. Since you don't know what it means, it suggests it is not trusted, and that it is sand-boxed. In that case, don't hard-code the address to the 'localhost'. Instead form an relative URL using either the code-base or document-base with a relative path to the servlet. That will also make the applet code 'portable' between sites (or between development and production). – Andrew Thompson Feb 12 '12 at 7:45
Thank you for your help. Do you have a suggestion where I should look or what keywords to use to find this? – 4th guy Feb 12 '12 at 7:55
"what keywords to use to find this" Find what, exactly? Please don't presume your audience is psychic. More information is better than less! BTW - good call on showing the changed code. – Andrew Thompson Feb 12 '12 at 7:57
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I have managed to make it work.

This is the code for the applet:

    private URLConnection getServletConnection()
        throws MalformedURLException, IOException {
    URL urlServlet = new URL("http://localhost:8080/GamePortal/submitScore");
    URLConnection con = urlServlet.openConnection();
    return con;


private void onSendData(GameInfo info) {

    try {
        // send data to the servlet
        URLConnection con = getServletConnection();
        OutputStream outstream = con.getOutputStream();
        ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(outstream);
        // receive result from servlet
        InputStream instr = con.getInputStream();
        ObjectInputStream inputFromServlet = new ObjectInputStream(instr);
        String result = (String) inputFromServlet.readObject();
        //JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, result);
    } catch (Exception ex) {

This is the code for the servlet:

protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
        throws ServletException, IOException {        
    try {
        // read a String-object from applet
        // instead of a String-object, you can transmit any object, which
        // is known to the servlet and to the applet
        InputStream in = request.getInputStream();
        ObjectInputStream inputFromApplet = new ObjectInputStream(in);
        GameInfo score = (GameInfo) inputFromApplet.readObject();

        GameInfo info = score;

        if (info.getUserId() > 0) {
            Scores instance = new Scores();

        OutputStream outstr = response.getOutputStream();
        ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(outstr);
    } catch (ClassNotFoundException ex) {

Thanks for your help and forgive me for taking too long to reply.

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