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I am planning to setup Clearcase for version control in our project, but I am new to Clearcase and has few very basic questions about it.

Some background: we are using Windows platform

  1. Is it possible to install Clearcase server (the VOBS server) in Windows XP?

  2. How do Clearcase authenticate user? Can I logon to my Clearcase client with local account instead of domains account?

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If you are new to ClearCase, consider also reading…,… and… – VonC Feb 12 '12 at 8:09
  1. Yes, you can. See this "System Requirement" page for ClearCase 7.1.x: Windows Xp (SP2 and SP3) is still supported.

  2. ClearCase will use the login of your current session as credential, and whatever group you will have declared in the CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP environment variable:
    See the "about CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP variable" technote (if not set, your group will default to "Domain Users").

See this technote for more about permission for a Windows environment with ClearCase object: the creds.exe utility is useful to check one's credential as detected and used by ClearCase.

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Thanks for the help. – Arthas Tsang Feb 12 '12 at 8:12
I checked the System Requirement page, but it has a footnote like this: "Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 hosts are supported as ClearCase clients. ClearCase servers in the context of this statement refer to VOB servers. You can store views on a Client" So does it mean that XP can only be used as Clearcase client, but not server? – Arthas Tsang Feb 12 '12 at 8:15
@ArthasTsang: no you can install ClearCase server as well on Xp. View server (part of the client features, and Vob server, part of the "server" features) – VonC Feb 12 '12 at 8:27
Seems Clearcase is very complicated with lots of terminology. Maybe I try to describe what I want to do and see if it is possible. First I want to install the Clearcase server on an XP machine, create a Clearcase user group for access control, and share the Clearcase repository over the network. Each developer will be working on their own XP client, logon to the Windows with local account, and then provide the Clearcase group credential when they want to access the repository on server. – Arthas Tsang Feb 12 '12 at 8:44
@ArthasTsang: if the group and login exists both on the server and the client (with the same name, not necessarily the same id), it will work. – VonC Feb 12 '12 at 8:47

Possible if you expect users to log on locally...if your going for an enterprise setup, you should explore the server & domain setup such that you can take advantage of ClearCase's distributed architecture and all the benefits...having said that :)

Yes its possible (maybe you want to test/experiment/toy with it..)

you will need to create:

  1. clearcase_albd account (clearcase system account)
  2. A ClearCase local group (clearcase_albd as member)
  3. A clearusr local group (normal user group)

During install you will be asked for these values...

Note post install ClearCase doctor will nag you with the fact that its not on a domain...can ignore

But it will work.

Good luck Jim2

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