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I'm using play-1.2.3.

I have two classes some kind of these:


public class LabelItem extends Model{
  public List<LabelValue> labelValues;


public class LabelValue extends Model{
  public static LabelItem labelItem;
  public static String value;

When i start my play server, the error page shows up:

"A JPA error occurred (Unable to build EntityManagerFactory): mappedBy reference an unknown target entity property: models.LabelValue.labelItem in models.LabelItem.labelValues"

Something more : the T_Label_VALUE table in database has only a id column,the "value" column didn't been created.

Can anyone help ? I can't figure it out.

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Static variables are not persisted by JPA. Make labelItem an instance variable if you want it managed by JPA.

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WTF,This is really stupid.Many thanks!! –  MrROY Feb 12 '12 at 9:24

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