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How can I sum the value of the second character of each cell?

| Block A | Block B |
| A1221   | R7798   |
| E2154   | E4445   |
| E5442   | G4486   |
| V2211   | C5565   |
| B9984   | E4569   |
   sum       sum

So, for example, I would like to output 19 for "Block A" and 24 for "Block B"

Is this possible?

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You can use a formula like this For Block A just create a new column C and on the same row as A1221 put this formula


That will extract just the first number. Copy and page this formular for all the cells in column c, Then you can so a simple sum of column C

See demo here

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THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –  supercoolville Feb 12 '12 at 9:47

To do it in one go without resorting to a help column (and assuming Block A is in column A), you can try this

=SUMPRODUCT(--MID(A1:A5; 2; 1))
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