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I have the following code in views/posts/show.html.erb:

  <span><%= @post.time_ago_in_words(Time.now) %></span><br />

And I get this error:

undefined method `time_ago_in_words' for #<Post:0xac200b0>

Any suggestions to fix this?

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time_ago_in_words is an Helper. It's not an ActiveModel instance method. So you have to call it this way(the field is up to you):

 <span><%= time_ago_in_words(@post.created_at) %></span><br />

By the way, calculating this kind of stuff is not a best practise. I recommend you to take a look at a solution like jquery.timeago.

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I'm curious, why is not a best practice? –  alexchenco Feb 13 '12 at 9:54
@alexchenco The link in the answer gives a nice explanation of the problem. tl;dr Use the CPU of the client to do that, furthermore you can cache the HTML that contains the time_ago stuff easily that way. –  lucapette Feb 13 '12 at 10:06

Assuming the date of the post is date_posted, try:

<span><%= time_ago_in_words(Time.now - @post.date_posted) %></span><br />
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