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I have installed CMUSphinx using this blog(Here). I did all the steps correctly. But when I executed a sample program provided in the same blog(This program). It shows me the following error

--------- ERRROR: ---------- Unable create vader. Init failed...

I Don't know what to do. I am using Ubuntu 11.10/64bit. Is there any package I have not installed?

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Most likely you didn't install the plugin correctly. Make sure that

  • plugin file is installed in the gstreamer folder. The plugin so file should be placed either in /usr/lib/gstreamer folder or GST_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable needs to be properly set.
  • gst-inspect shows the plugin. See the output of the gst-inspect to check if plugin is detected. Check GST_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable if it's not.
  • dynamic linker is properly configured. Check that pocketsphinx library is installed in /usr/lib or that LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable is properly set to include the folder where pocketpshinx library is installed

See the gstreamer documentation and Linux linker documentation for more details.

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