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How can I use property bindings in conjunction with "classic" Qt widgets? Seems to be a cool feature, more powerful than Cocoa Bindings but unfortunately it appears to be restricted to QML.

I did not found any documentation about how to set up these bindings in QtDesigner or programmatically using C++/Python.

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Property bindings are a feature of QML, they're not something you can access without it. I believe in Qt 5 it is intended that you will be able to use QML to build widget-based UIs, but for now they're not available. – Dan Milburn Feb 12 '12 at 12:05

There is an experimental Qt project called "Qt Quick Components for Desktop".

It encapsulated traditional widgets into QML components, so that you can design in QML a traditional widget based UI, including goodies like property binding (and styles !)


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