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Table Name service and row name service name

service_name (col type -text)

Software Development (Including Feasibility Study, System Analysis & Design and Coding)

I ran a query collect service_name

$query_3="SELECT * from service  where service_name='Software Development (Including Feasibility Study, System Analysis & Design and Coding)' ";

$result_3=mysql_query($query_3) or die (mysql_error());


echo $service;

When I run this query my query run successfully but result show empty.

But when i run query using small text query run successfully and result show.

Please, anyone can tell me what's the problem and How can I solve this problem

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You have asked some questions and got good answers, but have not accepted any of them. Please read… – piotrm Feb 12 '12 at 11:37

The problem is there are no entries in the service1 table with theservice_name` matching the service name you are specifying.

I would verify that the service_name that you are inputting is correct, and that you have entries in the table. I would go to your db shell and type SELECT count(*) from service to verify there are entries.

If there are results I would then do something like SELECT * from service where service_name LIKE %Development% or some general query like that just to make sure that the row you are looking for exists.

If it does exist I would then look to make sure the service_name you are inputting is an exact match of the service name in the database. Make sure spaces are correct, cases, everything.

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