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I need to create images of the first page of some source code text files, like asp or php or js files for example.
I usually accomplish this by typing a command like

enscript --no-header --pages=1 "${input_file}" -o - | ps2pdf - "${temp_pdf_file}"
convert -quality 100 -density 150x150 -append "${temp_pdf_file}"[0] "${output_file}"
trash "${temp_pdf_file}"

This works nice for my needs, but it obviously outputs an image "as is" with no "eye-candy" features. I was wondering if there's a way to add syntax highlighting too. This might come handy to speed up the creation of presentations of developed works for example.

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Pygments is a source highlighting library which has PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP formatters. No intermediate steps:

pygmentize -o jquery.png jquery-1.7.1.js

Edit: adding source code image to the document means you are doing it wrong to begin with. I would suggest LaTeX, Markdown or similar for the whole document and source code document could be generated.

Another easy/lazy way would be to create an html document using pygmentize and copy-paste it to the document. Not professional, but better than raster image.

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Thank you for all your suggestions. I successfully adopted pygmentize for my needs. To complete things: do you know how to convert only the first page using this command? I searched the documentation but I cannot find any option for that. – Luca Borrione Feb 12 '12 at 14:55
pygmentize does not have any notion of pages, if I understand correctly what you need. You will have to do it either through intermediate format, or in the document you are using pygmentize at. – Motiejus Jakštys Feb 12 '12 at 20:16

Here's how I do it on my Mac:

  • I open up the file with MacVIM. MacVIM supports syntax highlighting.
  • I print the file to a PDF. This gives me a paged document with highlighted syntax.
  • When I print, The program Preview opens up to display the file. I can Export it to a jpg, or whatever my hearts desire.

I don't have a Mac

This works with Windows too.

  • You have to get VIM although Notepad++ may also work. Any program editor will support syntax highlighting and allow you to print out with the highlighted syntax. So, pick what you like.
  • You have to get some sort of PDF producing print driver such as CutePDF.
  • Converting it to a jpg. I think Adobe Acrobat may be able to export a PDF into a JPG, or maybe the print driver can print to a JPG instead of a PDF. Or, you can send it to a friend who has a Mac.
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