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I am new to Android and trying to install Eclipse-indigo i am having windows 7 and followed the steps for installation ,but when i have started creating the project and try to run it gives me the error

Error generating final archive: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 13 Android Packaging Problem. Whwn i clean it the red cross goes out but when i run it again shows mw this.

i dont get what could be the problem ,please help out.Thanks in Advance.

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Use this things, It should be help for you

Head over to Help -> Install New Software. Click on Available software sites. Delete the Android repo. Uncheck Indigo & Eclipse updates & recheck them. Now head back to Help -> Check for updates. Once done, add the Android repo again. Accept the license & you should be good to go.

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  1. press "alt+ctrl+del" -> click on "start task manager"-> select process tab and within that select the adb.exe and click on end process.

  2. close eclipse application

  3. search for .android folder in your computer and delete that folder. steps to search for folder click on this link

  4. restart your eclipse. create new avd and enjoy your coding... :)
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