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I'am having simple problem with DevExpress LookUpEdit DisplayFormat. I want to achieve results in lookUpEdit like:
Document type (.doc)
Document type (

const string defaultExtensionsList = "doc;docx;xlsx;xls;pdf;txt";
var column = new LookUpColumnInfo("Column", "Extensions")
    Visible = true,
    //FormatType = FormatType.Custom,
    //FormatString ="Document type (*.{0})",
    Alignment = HorzAlignment.Near
ExtensionsLookup.Properties.DisplayFormat.FormatType = FormatType.Custom;
ExtensionsLookup.Properties.DisplayFormat.FormatString = "Document type (*.{0})";
ExtensionsLookup.Properties.EditFormat.FormatType = FormatType.Custom;
ExtensionsLookup.Properties.EditFormat.FormatString = "Document type (*.{0})";

var bindingList = defaultExtensionsList.Split(';').ToList();
ExtensionsLookup.Properties.DataSource = bindingList;
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You can use the following trick (RepositoryItemLookUpEdit.GetNotInListValue event):

const string defaultExtensionsList = "doc;docx;xlsx;xls;pdf;txt";
var columnID = new LookUpColumnInfo("Column", "IDs") { Visible = false };
var columnToDisplay = new LookUpColumnInfo("Display", "Extensions");

lookUpEdit.Properties.Columns.AddRange(new LookUpColumnInfo[] { columnID, columnToDisplay });
lookUpEdit.Properties.ValueMember = "Column";
lookUpEdit.Properties.DisplayMember = "Display";
lookUpEdit.Properties.TextEditStyle = TextEditStyles.DisableTextEditor;
lookUpEdit.Properties.GetNotInListValue += OnGetNotInListValue;

var bindingList = defaultExtensionsList.Split(';').ToList();
lookUpEdit.Properties.DataSource = bindingList;
void OnGetNotInListValue(object sender, GetNotInListValueEventArgs e) {
    if(e.FieldName == "Display")
        e.Value = string.Format("Document type (*.{0})",
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hanks. This is ALMOST what I need. var columnToDisplay = new LookUpColumnInfo("Display", "Extensions"); ExtensionsLookup.Properties.Columns.Add(columnToDisplay); ExtensionsLookup.Properties.GetNotInListValue += OnGetNotInListValue; Why almost? EditValue is not formatted accordingly :) I WILL Accept :P –  kayz1 Feb 13 '12 at 19:20

If I remember correctly, LookUpEdit doesn't support this functionality.

I would simply build a List with values "Document type (.docx)", "Documentype (.xy)" and bind it to the control.

Something like

var types = defaultExtensionsList.Split(';').Select(s => "DocumentType (*." + s + ")").ToList();
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I know but I need to be able to manipulate with that data (delete, add unique) so I thought this could be done via FormatString. This way I don't need to manage a Dictionary or two lists. –  kayz1 Feb 13 '12 at 17:22

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