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I have an Iphone app that used the excellent ABContactHelper library origionally written for by Erica Sedun and released on github

Now with the release of XCode4 and Reference Counting support, it causes lots of errors. I have looked at the forks on github, but none seem to have updated to XCode 4 with Reference Counting. I am trying to update it myself but its slow and error prone. I have tried the automatic refactoring support, but to no avail.

Does anyone know of an alternative AddressBook wrapper that provides a simple interface for interacting with the IPhone AddressBook?

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In your ARC-enabled project, you can selectively disable ARC for the AddressBook wrapper files by setting the -fno-objc-arc compiler flag for those files.

Add compiler flags in Targets -> Build Phases -> Compile Sources. Enter the compiler flag by double-clicking on the right column of the row under Compiler Flags.

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Dealing with ARC/non-ARC issues is a pain in the butt, and I've found that letting CocoaPods handle these problems for me is the way to go. Simply list ABContactHelper as a pod dependency and you're done. Many of the most popular libraries are already there, but if yours isn't, it's really easy to add it.

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