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According to Wikipedia prefix for presto is -XV-

-xv-color: #FF0;     /* paragraphs in yellow for Presto browsers */

I wanted to know for presto browser the prefix is -O- or -XV-. Is Wikipedia wrong??

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I believe it is -o-, but doesn't it only work on specific properties? –  Bazzz Feb 12 '12 at 13:30

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In the Opera documentation about HTML and XHTML, we document the support of -xv-.

XHTML+Voice Profile (X+V)

Opera Presto fully supports the XHTML+Voice profile (and the Mobile Profile subset).

  • The support of X+V includes support of CSS3 Speech (with an -xv- prefix as this module is under preparation).
  • X+V needs to be served as an XML media type (application/xml, application/xhtml+xml, application/x-xhtml+voice+xml) for XML Events to take effect.
  • For more information see the X+V developer documentation.

On Opera Web Developer documentation, you will find a few articles explaining xv extension.

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