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My flash asset file contains seven poses of a cute character. On the other hand, a C++ application (OpenCV), detects my gestures on the webcam. Each gesture is mapped to one of the seven poses. How to generate a sequence of animated poses in Flash format? Which library/plugin can best output such flash sequence? SWFTools has a command called jpeg2swf that does the job - but my asets are (already) in swf format. I guess I need something like swf_frames2swf

REF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWFTools

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This may or may not suit your needs, but what I would do is to save the data about what pose to show at a certain point separately in some way. I would then have a "player" application load the pose keyframe data along with the frames containing the poses of the character and display the frames in the order dictated by the data.

This way, you separate the data from the visual representation which means it is easier to manage. You could, for example, at any point amend the player to display a different character doing the same sequence of poses if need be. It could also save on file sizes etc.

On the other hand, this approach adds a bit of complexity to your project.

An example of how the "keyframe data" could look if you were to be using XML:

    <keyframe time="0" pose="1" />
    <keyframe time="1.5" pose="7 />
    <keyframe time="15.3" pose="3" />
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