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Is it possible to obtain results for non-common phrases (such as URLs for example) ?

I tried to encode my phrases. I used PHP urlencode() function to try to look for posts containing ''

however all I get is:

   "data": [

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The URL you provide do return a bunch of results with paging... – Juicy Scripter Feb 12 '12 at 14:28
That is correct. My mistake... – Jason Cobb Feb 12 '12 at 14:49

When I go to:

I get { "data": [ { "id": "100002667502867_210058145759767", "from": { "name": "Alessio Diesse", "id": "100002667502867" }, "message": "I just redeemed this deal! Check it out:", "type": "status", "application": { "name": "SpotOnCo App", "canvas_name": "spotonco-app", "namespace": "spotonco-app", "id": "132159653549822" }, "created_time": "2012-02-12T00:53:28+0000", "updated_time": "2012-02-12T00:53:28+0000" }, { "id": "100001565919790_296841673711361", "from": { "name": "Victor Asuquo", "id": "100001565919790" }, "message": "\u003Ca href=\"\"> click here to click here \u003C/a>", "type": "status", "application": { "name": "BlackBerry", "canvas_name": "viabberry", "namespace": "viabberry", "id": "111498688870155" }, "created_time": "2012-02-11T23:46:43+0000", "updated_time": "2012-02-11T23:46:43+0000" }, ...

When I go to the same link adding an access token, I get:

{ "data": [ ] }

So the moral of the story here is: don't add &access_token=VALID_ACCESS_TOKEN to the query and you'll be accessing public data. ;)

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Thank you for explanation. However, I noticed that I can get results only for old links. I looked for URL, that was shared by me and my friends a week ago, but Facebook Search shows no results... – Jason Cobb Feb 12 '12 at 15:06
What's the link to your post that you cannot search for? – DMCS Feb 12 '12 at 15:11

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