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OK so i have this condition

conditions = {}
conditions[:state] = params[:state] if params[:state]
@apps = current.apps.paginate(:include => :user, :conditions => conditions, :order => "users.first_name, users.last_name")

and my routes file has

 map.apps_wishlist '/apps/wishlist', :controller => 'apps', :action => 'index', :state => 'wishlist' 

Since i am sending in the string should i escape the sql somehow for security reasons and if so how is the best way to do that

Someone suggested they think the params[:state] should be escaped when put into the SQL query for security reasons

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They don't know what they're talking about. As long as you do either

SomeModel.where(:conditions => {:state => params[:state]})
SomeModel.find(:conditions => {:state => params[:state]})
SomeModel.where("state = ?", params[:state])

ActiveRecord will handle all the escaping itself, so the code you've given above is fine/ The only case it doesn't cover is if you were building up the sql entirely on your own, i.e. don't do

SomeModel.where("state = #{params[:state]}")

If you're using find_by_sql, execute and so on then you are also responsible for escaping. Don't just take my word for it though - try it! You might also want to look at the rails security guide

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