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Using iconv with //TRANSLIT//IGNORE to convert from utf8 to ascii works fine; it replaces the non-convertible characters to a proper transliteration according to the current locale (de_DE in my case):

> echo 'möp' | iconv -f 'UTF8' -t 'ASCII//TRANSLIT//IGNORE'

However, when just using //IGNORE without //TRANSLIT, it throws an error:

> echo 'möp' | iconv -f 'UTF8' -t 'ASCII//IGNORE'
iconv: illegal input sequence at position 5

I wonder why that happens. The input sequence is exactly the same and shouldn't //IGNORE simply skip invalid characters? When using the iconv C api, I get an EILSEQ error - so basically I don't know if the input string contained invalid UTF8 or not...

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