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I have read all possible articles on gabor functions but they did not lead me to anything useful. Could someone briefly explain whether there is a difference between the two ?

Which of the above two is used in image classification ?

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What do u mean by image classification could you specify? – vini Feb 14 '12 at 3:10

I would provide you certain links that would make you clear about the concept of GABOR TRANSFORM as well as GABOR FILTERS

  1. A Tutorial on all you would want to know about gabor filters and transform


  1. More information about GABOR FILTERS


  1. A gabor filter visualization


  1. Gabor wavelet transform and its applications



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The Gabor transform is a one-dimensional transform used for analysing 1d signals (such as audio data).

Gabor filters are two-dimensional generalisations of the Gabor transform used for analysing 2d signals (such as image data).

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I'm just curious, is the gabor transform (STFT) the same as the gabor wavelet transform? – freak_warrior Jan 16 '14 at 5:23

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