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I have the following problem with Django.

class UserProfile(Model):
    inventory = models.M2M(InventoryItem)

class InventoryItem(Model):
    item = GenericForeignKey()

class Equipment(Model):
    base = GenericForeignKey()

Every user can have many items. Inventory item can point to equipment, materials and so on, but in this case it points to Equipment model. Equipment model has a relation to either Weapon or Armour or Accessory.

I need to remove a specific item from user's inventory.


** This also deletes equipment and weapon/armour/accessory objects related which is not intended. **

I have already added on_delete=DO_NOTHING on all foreign keys, but I do not see such option possible on GenericForeignKeys. What's the solution?

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it looks like you're deleting the UserProfile, but not the specific item

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ooops, I didn't mean to write that. –  aemdy Feb 12 '12 at 19:55

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