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I know the technical differences between StringBuffer and StringBuilder.

But if I don't use them for half a year or so, I just forget which one is synchronized and which one is not. I always have lookup the first sentence of the JavaDoc.

So: Is there some kind of easy to remember mnemonic to distinguish them? How do YOU remember the difference?

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1 StringBuffer is older implementation. Older implementations of collections were also synchronized.

Now how to remember that buffer is older than builder? Think, how would you call class that is able to contain buffer of characters that can be transformed to string? The answer is StringBuffer. This is what the guys from Sun Microsystem thought when they initially developed this class.

Then they wanted to find yet another name for almost the same thing and remembered that it actually implements Builder pattern. Pattern became more fashionable later, so they called the new class Builder.

I hope this helps.

2 Other mnemonics. Compare the workds: Buffer Builder

The difference is in the3 3rd letter that is the first letter of word "first". It means that buffer was first

3 Just sort these 2 words alphabetically: Buffer, Builder. Biffer is first, builder is second. Therefore buffer is synchronized (see the beginning of my story)

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New asynchronous classes have more natural names, I think. List, a well defined computer scientific concept, instead of Vector. Map, a well defined mathematical concept, instead of Table. Builder, a common name for a factory class, instead of Buffer.

It works for me!

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