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Im using jQuery.validity plugin to validate PHP form.

I need to validate whether the input date format is in dd-MMM-yyyy, but the plugin default is mm/dd/yyyy.

When I use this code,

            .lessThanOrEqualTo(new Date()); 

it asks to enter date in its default format.

How to change the input date format to dd-MMM-yyyy (eg: 01-FEB-2012)?

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Seems more of a jQuery question with the plugin since you seem to want to check it client side - if you want to check it server side (ie. after hitting submit) then use PHP –  MrJ Feb 12 '12 at 16:42

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I found this code to change the date format of input string for jQuery.validity plugin

$.extend($.validity.patterns, {

NOTE: I had to remove the checking of the input date with current date .lessThanOrEqualTo(new Date()); as it always returned false. It seems above code does not change the format for the current date checking...

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