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Working with Json, how can I "NSlog" only the title in this code:

NSDictionary *item = [tableData objectAtIndex:[indexPath row]];
    // Set text on textLabel
    [[cell textLabel] setText:[item objectForKey:@"title"]];
    // Set text on detailTextLabel
    [[cell detailTextLabel] setText:[item objectForKey:@"description"]];

Something like NSlog(@"%@", title); ?


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If I have understood what you are asking correctly, then this should do it:

NSLog(@"%@", [item objectForKey:@"title"]);

If that gives you a compiler warning because the object may not be an NSString, then you can do:

NSString *title = [item objectForKey:@"title"];
NSLog(@"%@", title);

If I've misunderstood your question, please let me know and I will correct my answer accordingly.

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