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Is a way to send the same command to all window in tmux, not to all pane in window. synchronize-panes - send command to all pane in one window. I need something like 'at' in screen.

Thanks for help.

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You could always do something like this:

message="hello world"
tmux list-windows -t $session|cut -d: -f1|xargs -I{} tmux send-keys -t $session:{} $message

You could also bind this to a key in your tmux.conf like this:

bind C-e command-prompt -p "session?,message?" "run-shell \"tmux list-windows -t %1 \| cut -d: -f1\|xargs -I\{\} tmux send-keys -t %1:\{\} %2\""
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This is great - a little addition. I wanted to do the same thing, but to send the same output to all panes in each window. Easily done with the synchronize-panes setting! – dsummersl Feb 1 '13 at 0:47

You could do something like this:

But this executes for every pane, but you could adjust accordingly.

All depends what your trying to accomplish, for this an example of what i want to accomplish is to source ~/.zsh in all panes.

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