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I am having some trouble searching for a multiline pattern using regex. Here is the sample multiline string:

some command [first line]\n
second line \n
yes can have multiple lines\n
something else that I do not care about.

Here is what I have tried so far:

>>> match = re.match(r"^(.+)\n((.*\n)*)\n",body,re.MULTILINE)
>>> match.groups()
('some command [first line]', 'second line \nyes can have multiple lines\n', 'yes can have multiple lines\n')

I am looking for match.group(1) and match.group(2), and I am happy with them, but it is bugging me that I get match.group(3) which I do not expect (and makes me this that my regexp is not right).

Also, I do not seem to get named patterns right..

 match = re.match(r"^(.+)\n((?P<bd>.*\n)*)\n",body,re.MULTILINE)
 >>> match.group(bd)
 Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
 NameError: name 'bd' is not defined

I went through the Python Regular Expressions from Google, but it is obvious that I have not gotten the complete picture yet.

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Did I understand you right, that the result that you expect is in group 3 instead of group2?

If that is your problem, you can make groups non-capturing by putting a ?: at the start like this


With this you will get only two groups in the result.

Maybe I got you wrong and you want to get rid of the group 3, then


would be the solution.

Named groups

You can access your named group like this


you need to give group() either a integer or a string as argument, see MatchObject

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