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I have this command which i know is a bit off syntactically

 page << "$('.places').append('<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => 'contact', :locals => {:contact => @contact, :something => @something, :checked => false, :sale => @sale.item.to_s})) %>');"    

this is the basic call that i need to make but I know the syntax is wrong for a js.rjs file....is there a way to convert this to that format

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Which version of rails are you using? –  inkdeep Feb 13 '12 at 22:11

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Using prototype (Rails 2.3)

page.select(".places").each  do |element, index|
  page.insert_html :bottom, element, :partial => 'contact', :locals => {:contact => @contact, :something => @something, :checked => false, :sale => @sale.item.to_s}

Using jQuery (Rails 3)

$(".places").append("<%= escape_javascript render 'contact', :locals => {:contact => @contact, :something => @something, :checked => false, :sale => @sale.item.to_s} %>");
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