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Is there any easy way to get a path (a sequence of points) from the flash IDE into actionscript code?

for example if you want to draw an outline for a gameworld that you want to use as collision object and now in AS3 you'd like to get the vertices of that path you drew.

what i did so far was to create a lot of dummy movieclips, place them on the vertices of the drawin path and call them "dummy01", "dummy02", "dummy03" and so on, and then in AS i iterated over the children and rebuilt the path that way, but that's really ugly and i'm sure there must be a better way to do it.

Any hints?

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(The following instructions apply for Flash Professional CS5)

  1. Select the shape you want to extract the vertices from.
  2. Create a new .jsfl file (File > New... > Flash Javascript File). Paste the code below:

    var vertices = fl.getDocumentDOM().selection[0].vertices;
    var resultArrayString = "var vertices:Array = [";
    for(var i = 0; i < vertices.length; i++) {
        resultArrayString += "{x:" + vertices[i].x + ", y:" + vertices[i].y + "}" + ((i < vertices.length - 1) ? ", " : "];");
  3. Press the "Run script" button (gray "play" button)
  4. Look in the console, you will now have a complete Array containing the coordinates for all vertices for the selected object, ready for copy-pasting into your as3 code where you need it.

Example of output:

var vertices:Array = [{x:371.95, y:146}, {x:377.95, y:179}, {x:397.95, y:224}, {x:344.95, y:201}, {x:341.95, y:251}, {x:272.95, y:177}];

Hint: if you need to use this script on a regular basis, save the .jsfl file and run it as a Command from within Flash.

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This is sweet!! thanks a lot! –  Mat Feb 15 '12 at 9:57

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