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How can I see a Error in jMeter?
In other words if a test fail how is possible to see the page returned with error ?

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In our application we have a custom error page displaying a certain message. In JMeter we added a Response Assertion to the TestPlan (Add > Assertions > Response Assertion). We configured this assertion to have a pattern checking for this message (e.g. check for "error occurred" or whatever your error page shows).

Then we added a View Results Tree to the Thread Group (Add > Listener > View Results Tree) and configured it to display the errors only (check Log/Display only Errors). This result tree now captures all error pages along with their requests.

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Depending on how you set up your test, you will most likely get a 404, 401 or 500 error code from your server.

You can then use the access logs of the server (not jMeter) to see which page it was that returned the error.

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