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I have an app built on Rails3 and talking to MongoDB via Mongoid. I wan't to search on one of my models and it's embedded children using Sphinx.

I'm using mongoid-sphinx gem, to setup search indexes like this

class Foo

  include Mongoid::Sphinx
  field :title, :type => String

  embeds_many :bars

  search_index(:fields => [:title])


Is it possible also to define index on this embedded model bar? Lets assume that bar has string field :content.

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I think its not possible yet. I'd have to either store Bars as separate collections using referenced keys, or fork this gem and write my own implementation of xml-pipe – Johny Feb 15 '12 at 1:05

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Since r3518 there is support for json attributes . Please check and especially /trunk/test/test_206/test.xml on how it can be used. Currently searching in json objects is stil experimental ( doesn't support subojects yet). Not sure if these new attrs work out-of-box with the ruby gem.

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