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Do pointer offsets take any extra time? Which is preferable?

mov rcx, length
dec rcx
mov rax, qword ptr [rsi+rcx*8]


mov rcx, length
mov rax, qword ptr [rsi+rcx*8-8]
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Using an offest should be preferred, on a modern architecture this can be faster, but never slower.

  • It is one instruction less. Instruction decoding is a limited resource.
  • The length of the code sequence is one byte shorter, becuase the offset is in the char range. This needs less cache memory.
  • The dependency chain is one instruction shorter. In your first sequence the address calculationj hast to wait for the result of the decrement.
  • Address calculation is done in separate units. There is no speed penalty when using complex addressing modes.

On the other hand there is a chance the the decrement will be reordered to be executed earlier, so that is won't make a difference speed wise. See more background information at http://www.agner.org/optimize/#manuals .

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+1 for that OTOH comment. It's been a long time since assembler code and actual order of instruction execution were identical. –  Ross Patterson Feb 12 '12 at 22:08

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