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I have the following array:

Array ( [0] => Array 
               ( [name] => Jonah 
                 [age] => 27 )
        [1] => Array 
               ( [name] => Bianca 
                 [age] => 32 )

Is it possible to sort the sub-array values in [age] into some sort of order, such as lowest to highest or vice versa?

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You can do this using usort:

usort($arr, function($a, $b)
    return $a['age'] - $b['age']; // sorts lowest to highest

Swap $a and $b in the function to reverse the ordering.

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Works perfectly, thanks for your help @Tim! – user1092780 Feb 12 '12 at 20:59

I think this should be possible with bool usort ( array &$array , callback $cmp_function )

Just define a callback that sorts by the [age] key of the value.

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This will work:

$ages = array();
foreach ($array as $value) {
  $ages[] = $value;

array_multisort($values, SORT_ASC, $array);

Any way is good, but this is the "PHP way":

array_multisort() can be used to sort several arrays at once, or a multi-dimensional array by one or more dimensions.

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