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I have user and product models. User's table has a "discount" field. I trying to call method "apply_discount" from users/index view, which multiplies all prices and given discount. users/index.html.haml:

- @users.each do |user|
# user data
  = form_tag(action:'apply_discount', method: :put) do 
    = number_field_tag :discount
    = submit_tag

UsersController has a method named "apply_discount". My problem is routing error when I submitting form:


No route matches [POST] "/assets"

Please explain me why this form requests assets. And how to make right request.

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Having this in your url probably means your form tag has some incorrect syntax so I don't think your problem is a routing error.


should look something like

<%= form_tag(:controller => "foo", :action => "bar", :method => "post" %>
<% end %>

you should have a route setup for the action you are wanting to get to in the controller

check out this guide

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D'oh! I forgot about routes; So "post 'users/apply_discount'" in routes.rb solve my problem. Still wondering why this form trying to request assets. Thanks! – user1201917 Feb 13 '12 at 6:51
Can you post all of your code? – Jason Levens Feb 13 '12 at 21:03

Actually, I've found that if there is not a corresponding good route in routes.rb, it makes the url be:


If it finds the route you get the correct


(assuming xxx is the controller and yyy is the action you specified).

So if you are building a non-REST-ful url you better have it in the route table first.

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