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Here's my code..

require "open-uri"

base_url = "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki"

(1..5).each do |x|
  # sets up the url
  full_url = base_url + "/" + x.to_s
  # reads the url
  read_page = open(full_url).read
  # saves the contents to a file and closes it
  local_file = "my_copy_of-" + x.to_s + ".html"
  file = open(local_file,"w")

  # open a file to store all entrys in

  combined_numbers = open("numbers.html", "w")

  entrys = open(local_file, "r")




As you can see. It basically scrapes the contents of the wikipedia articles 1 through 5 and then attempts to combine them nto a single file called numbers.html.

It does the first bit right. But when it gets to the second. It only seem's to write in the contents of the fifth article in the loop.

I can't see where im going wrong though. Any help?

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You chose the wrong mode when opening your summary file. "w" overwrites existing files while "a" appends to existing files.

So use this to get your code working:

combined_numbers = open("numbers.html", "a")

Otherwise with each pass of the loop the file contents of numbers.html are overwritten with the current article.

Besides I think you should use the contents in read_page to write to numbers.html instead of reading them back in from your freshly written file:

require "open-uri"

(1..5).each do |x|
  # set up and read url
  url = "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/#{x.to_s}"
  article = open(url).read

  # saves current article to a file
  # (only possible with 1.9.x use open too if on 1.8.x)
  IO.write("my_copy_of-#{x.to_s}.html", article)

  # add current article to summary file
  open("numbers.html", "a") do |f|
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